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Bloomington Law Group LLC is committed to serving the needs of children with special needs and their families in Central Illinois.  Our knowledgeable Attorneys and Staff hav the experience, passion and track record to help ensure your child’s rights are protected.  We will take special care in assessing your child’s needs and ensuring that they receive the proper federally mandated support necessary to receive educational benefit they are entitled to. 


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As the term denotes, IEP’s are education plans designed specifically for the unique needs of the individual child.  An IEP can be a blessing for your child’s educational career or it can be a “band-aid,” for a wound that won’t heal.  Once a child is found eligible for special education services, they are entitled to an IEP that is designed to help them to receive an educational benefit. The problem is that IEP’s are great in theory and often less so in reality.


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