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Civil Cover Sheet - Mandatory with all new filings

Affidavit for Service by Publication

Answer to Complaint (generic)

Arbitration Case - Summons

Certificate of Service - US Mail

Citation to Discover Assets - Income and Asset Form

Income and Asset Form - Citation for Contempt (735 ILCS 5/2-1402)

Motion (generic)

Motion for Admission of Counsel Pro Hac Vice

Motion to Waive Fees and CostsName Change - Affidavit of Name Change (minor)Name Change - Decree (minor)Name Change - Instruction Sheet (adult)Name Change - Instruction Sheet (minor)Name Change - Notice of Publication (adult)Name Change - Notice of Publication (minor)Name Change - Petition for Name Change (adult)Name Change - Petition for Name Change (minor)Notice of Confidential Information within Court FilingPetition - Affidavit to sue / defend as poor personPraecipeStatement of Income and Assets (Citation for Contempt)Subpoena (attorney-issued)


Dissolution - Family - Adoption Cover Sheet - Mandatory in all New FilingsAdoption - Notice to Parents and Consent to Adoption (CCJ)Affidavit of Service by PublicationAffidavit in Support of Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice

Answer to Complaint (generic)

Child Support - Affidavit of Service of Notice to Withhold Income

Child Support - Financial Affidavit for Indirect Civil Contempt

Child Support - Indirect Civil Contempt Notice (Turner v. Rogers)

Child Support - Job Search Affidavit

Child Support - Notice of Income Withholding (federal form)

Child Support - Protocol for use of Financial Affidavit

Dissolution - Joint Petition for Dissolution instructions

Dissolution - Joint Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Simplified)

Dissolution - Notice of Hearing (Rule to Show Cause)

Dissolution - Summons

Dissolution or Family - Notice of Expedited Case Management Conference

Dissolution or Family - Petition for Rule to Show Cause

Dissolution or Family - Petition for Educational Expenses

Entry of Appearance

Income and Asset Form (Citation for Contempt - 735 ILCS 5/2-1402)

Income Withholding Order for Child Support (Federal Form)

Mediators Report (Child Protection)

Modification of Child Custody packet

Modification of Child Visitation packet

Motion for Admission of Counsel Pro Hac Vice

Notice of Confidential Information within Court Filing

Order Allowing Petitioner to Obtain Birth or Death Certificate


Statement of Income and Assets (Citation for Contempt)

Subpoena (attorney-issued)

Adult Guardianship - Accounting

Adult Guardianship - Annual Report on Ward

Adult Guardianship - Certificate of Depository

Adult Guardianship - Order of Adjudication and Appointing Guardian

Adult Guardianship - Order to Notify

Illinois State Police - FOID

Adult Guardianship - Petition for Appointment of Guardian

Adult Guardianship - Report on Petition for Appointment 

Adult Guardianship - Summons for Appointment (Disabled Adult)

Guardianship - Notice of Hearing

Guardianship - Oath of Office and Bond

Minor Guardianship - Guardianship of a Minor INSTRUCTIONS

Minor Guardianship - Accounting of Estate

Minor Guardianship - Annual Report on Minor

Minor Guardianship - Appearance and Consent Petition

Minor Guardianship - Petition for Appointment






















 2012 FEE LIST (Effective 03/01/12)
Civil Filing $ 231.00
Civil Filing, $250 or less $ 81.00
Civil Filing, $250-$500 $ 91.00
Civil Filing, $500-$2,500 $ 111.00
Civil Filing, $2,500-$15,000 $ 146.00
Residential Foreclosure Filing $ 306.00
Eminent Domain $ 221.00
Eminent Domain, each parcel $ 150.00
Filing a Petition Juvenile Court Act of 1987 $ 96.00
Filing a Petition for a Marriage License $ 81.00
Performing a Marriage in Court $ 10.00
Filing a Petition under IL Parentage Act of 1981 $ 111.00
Adoption $ 65.00
Commitment Petitions $ 121.00
Forcible Entry, $15,000 or less $ 121.00
Forcible Entry, more than $15,000 $ 231.00
Possession Only $ 121.00
Confession of Judgment, $1,500 or less $ 121.00
Confession of Judgment, $1,500-$15,000 $ 186.00
Confession of Judgment, more than $15,000 $ 271.00
Civil Appearance $ 131.00
Appearance, Forcible Entry, Possession Only $ 121.00
Civil Appearance, $1,500 or less $ 101.00
Civil Appearance, $1,500-$15,000 $ 131.00
Jury Demand (except Small Claims and Ordinance Violations) $ 212.50
6 Person Small Claims Jury Demand $ 12.50
12 Person Small Claims Jury Demand $ 25.00
Jury Fee - Ordinance Violation cases punishable by fine only $ 137.50
Counterclaim or third party def shall pay a fee for each counter claim 
or 3rd party action equal fee would have paid if had brought separate action
for relief sought in counterclaim/3rd party def less the amount of appearance 
fee if one has been paid
 2012 FEE LIST (Effective 03/01/12)
Alias Summons $ 5.00
Garnishment, $1,000 or less $ 15.00
Garnishment, $1,000-$5,000 $ 15.00
Garnishment, $5,000 or more $ 15.00
Citations $ 15.00
Rules (no fee) $ -
Petition to Vacate or Modify, less than 30 days $ 50.00
Petition to Vacate or Modify, more than 30 days $ 75.00
Petition to Vacate Bond Forfeiture $ 40.00
Change of Venue Preparation Fee $ 40.00
Tax Objection Complaint $ 121.00
Petition for Tax Deed - One Parcel $ 271.00
Petition for Tax Deed - Additional Parcels $ 60.00
Filing Petition Habeas Corpus $ 171.00
Administration of Estate $ 221.00
Value of Real Estate and Personal <$15,000 $ 111.00
Letters of Office issued w/o Administration $ 111.00
Petition to Sell Real Estate Filing (IF NEW CASE) $ 121.00
Petition to Sell Real Estate Filing (IF EXISTING CASE) $ 50.00
Administration of Estate of a Ward $ 146.00
Real and Personal Property <$15,000 $ 111.00
Letters of Office w/o administration $ 20.00
Decendent or Ward Filing $ 25.00
Filing Claim over $150 but under $500 $ 25.00
Filing Claim over $500 but under $10,000 $ 40.00
Filing Claim over $10,000 $ 60.00
Filing seeking Equitable Relief $ 60.00
Filing of Appearance of Any Person $ 35.00
Jury Demand $ 137.50
Disposition Collection of a Judgement $ 50.00
Disposition Collection of a Judgement<$5,000 $ 20.00
Certified Copy of letters of Office or Certification $ 2.00
Certified Copy over three Pages $ 1.00
Exemplification $ 2.00
 2012 FEE LIST (Effective 03/01/12)
Filing of Voluntary Assignment Deeds $ 20.00
Recording Deeds each 100 words $ 0.50
Expungement Petitions $ 146.00
Certified Copies of Expungement Records $ 4.00
Court Appeals, Original Documents under 100 $ 60.00
Court Appeals, Original Documents over 100 $ 150.00
Court Appeals, Original Documents over 200 add'l per page $ 0.25
Correction of Numbers $ 10.00
Mailing (Plus cost of postage) $ 5.00
Certified Copies of Judgment after the 1st $ 10.00
Certification, Authentication and Reproduction $ 6.00
Reproduction of doc in Clerk's Office - First page $ 2.00
Reproduction of next 19 pages $ 0.50
Reproduction of all remaining pages $ 0.25
Record Search per year $ 6.00
Hard Copy computer printout per page $ 4.00

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