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Bloomington Law Group LLC, located in Bloomington Illinois (McLean County), assists clients in need of applying for Orders of Protection against abusive family members or other people who they have a relationship with, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend.  In Illinois, an Order of Protection can be filed to protect anyone who is being severely threatened by violence or is being abused. If you are in the Bloomington/Normal area, and you feel frightened or threatened by someone close to you, contact us at our Bloomington office at (309) 808-2369.


Here is the Statute on Orders of Protection in Bloomington Illinois.


Here is the Statute on No-Stalking Orders in Bloomington Illinois.


Here is the Petition for Order of Protection that you must use in McLean County Illinois.


Here is the website for the Illinois Attorney General regarding Orders of Protection.


If you are thinking about an Order of Protection, you are probably experiencing things in your life that should be handled by an attorney. If this is the case, please call us and let us help you and your family. Email us or call us today at (309) 808-2369.






If an Emergency Order of Protection has been Entered Against You...


If you have been served with an Order of Protection, you must take it very seriously and do everything in your power to prepare your case well and you will want to seek legal counsel as fast as you can. Whether your Order of Protection is within the context of a Divorce or Family case, or whether it is an idependant Order of Protection, the implications are great and can be devastating. Not preparing properly for a Plenary Hearing will bring years of regret and there will be little you can do to fix your mistakes at that point.





Here are some helpful definitions to keep in mind for your McLean County case:


Domestic violence means:



1) Physical abuse - the law defines this as:


a) sexual abuse; 

b) physical force, confinement or restraint; 

c) purposeful, repeated and unnecessary sleep deprivation; or

d) behavior which creates an immediate risk of physical harm.* 




2) Harassment - unnecessary conduct which causes you emotional distress. The law assumes the following to be harassment:


a) creating a disturbance at your work or school;

b) repeatedly telephoning your work or school;

c) repeatedly following you in a public place or places;

d) repeatedly keeping you under surveillance by staying outside of your home, school, work, vehicle or another place you are in OR by peering through your windows;

e) threatening physical force, confinement or restraint on one or more occasions; or 

f) improperly hiding your child from you or repeatedly threatening to do so, repeatedly threatening to improperly remove your child from your physical care or from the state, or making a single one of these threats following an actual or attempted improper removal or hiding of your child; (Note: There is an exception for someone who is accused of doing this if s/he was fleeing an incident or pattern of domestic violence).*1



3) Intimidation of a dependent (someone can be "dependent" on the abuser because of age, health or disability) - this is defined as when the abuser makes you participate in or witness physical force, physical confinement, or restraint against any person (regardless of whether that person is a family or household member).*2



4) Interference with personal liberty - this is defined as committing or threatening to commit physical abuse, harassment, intimidation or deprivation (i.e., not giving you food, medicine, or shelter) with the intention of forcing you to do something you don't want to do or not allowing you to do something that you have a right to do.*3 



5) Willful deprivation – this is defined as purposely denying an elderly or disabled person the medication, medical care, shelter, food or other assistance that s/he needs, thereby putting that person at risk of physical, mental or emotional harm.*4




*750 ILCS 60/103(1),(14)

*1 750 ILCS 60/103 (1),(7)

*2 750 ILCS 60/103 (1),(10)

*3 750 ILCS 60/103 (1),(9)

*4 750 ILCS 60/103 (1),(15)



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