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How to Obtain a Copy of your McLean County Divorce Decree


The cost for photocopies is $2.00 for the first page, .50 per page for the next 19 pages, then .25 per page for each page thereafter. Certification may be had for an additional $10.00 upon request.

The Clerk asks that you have the caption of the case, the case number if possible, or the year in which the case was filed to assist them in retrieving your records. If you need several years searched, the cost is $6.00 per year for record searches.

Please note: Cases from the 1960's (Divorce Records) are stored at an off-site facility and it can take 1-2 days to retrieve these files for inspection and copying. Please let the Clerk know by phone or e-mail and they can work with you to eliminate unnecessary trips to their office.

You may request copies in person during their business hours of M-F 8:30-4:30, or in writing or by e-mail. The cost of all copies must be paid in advance of any mailing. Please make checks/money orders payable to: McLean County Circuit Clerk.

The Clerk will advise you of the cost of your copies. Do not send cash via the mail.

The Clerk's Address is:

McLean County Circuit Clerk- Attn: Family Division
PO Box 2420
Bloomington, IL 61702-2420

The attorneys at Bloomington Law Group LLC are well-versed in family law issues, including custody and guardianship law. Attorney Michelle N. Schneiderheinze made the firm proud, once again, with her work in the case of In re A.M., 2013 IL App (3d) 120809.



In proceedings arising from the adoption of three children by their maternal grandmother after the termination of their biological mother’s parental rights, the trial court’s grant of the guardianship petition filed by the children’s maternal aunt was reversed on the ground that the order was void ab initio, since the trial court entered the order without first considering the parental fitness of the maternal grandmother, there was no evidence supporting a finding that the grandmother was unable or unwilling to parent the children, and jurisdiction to hear a guardianship petition exists only after a determination that a parent is unfit. 


Removal of Your Children from Bloomington Illinois after your Divorce: Possible New Statute




The talk around Bloomington-Normal right now is about the possible State Farm transfers. Many folks at State Farm are divorce and have minor children here in McLean County. Just because State Farm tells you to move does not mean you will be able to take your children with you. You must typically file a Petition to Remove with the Court.


Removal, in the past, has been if you want to leave the State of Illinois. Part of the bill that the State Legislature is due to vote on this Fall modifies things a bit. Removal is replaced with "relocation," and instead of out-of-state moves, 25-mile moves are covered. This seems drastic, and I hope there is some healthy debate in the legislature before this is voted on.


If you have any questions about removal or relocation, call our firm for a free initial consultation or visit us on the web at


Here would be the new definition of relocation:


"Relocation" means a change of residence of more than 25 miles for more than 90 days that significantly impairs a parent's ability to exercise the parental responsibilities that the parent has been exercising or is entitled to exercise under a parenting plan or allocation judgment.


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