Bloomington Illinois Divorce Mediation

The only thing more frustrating than a difficul marriage can be a difficult divorce


You do not need to spend $15,000.00 for each party's attorney fees. You do not need to pay for the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem to represent your children. You do not need to spend close to 2 years dragging the other party through the mud.


You can mediate your issues. You can spend about a combined total of $1,000.00 in getting divorced. You can be divorced in a matter of weeks. Even though your relationship is ending, you can still resolve your issues in the right way. 

Contact Bloomington Law Group LLC to schedule a mediation consultation in our Bloomington office.


Also, please visit our website that is dedicated to Mediation in the Bloomington Illinois Area. 

Divorce Mediation is:

  • Less expensive than litigation

  • Confidential and private (ask us about keeping your agreement from being included in the court's public file)

  • On your time schedule, not the Court's

  • Tailored to your family's needs

If I've already filed divorce papers, can I still mediate?


Yes. We help many couples who are already in the process of a divorce, custody, modification hearing or court case. We can help you resolve your issues so that you can submit your agreement to court and avoid expensive litigation and court dates.

Would You Rather Pay For Your Childrens College Education....or Your Attorney's?



Did you know the average cost of a litigated divorce is estimated to be over $12,000 EACH?  That’s right!  Don’t be fooled to believe that the up front retainer paid to an attorney is going to be the total cost of a litigated divorce. That’s only the cost to get the divorce started. There will be depositions, discovery, custody evaluations, court hearings, and document preparation time. This will all add up very quickly. Litigating your divorce with attorneys that make more money the more you fight... is often throwing money in the toilet.


Ask yourself, “Would you rather put your kids through college or an attorneys kids?”  Divorce Mediation with Bloomington Law Group LLC is a process that is guaranteed to keep the cost down.  Call us for a consultation at 309-319-6206 and find out how inexpensive our services are because the only thing worse than a bad marriage is a terrible divorce. We can help!



Did You Know?.... Most Litigated Divorces Last More Than One Year!


Courtroom divorces with attorneys and judges can take many months  to become final.  There will be many motions filed, hearings scheduled, and depositions taken.  The court system is often slow and sluggish and clogged with cases.  You are at the mercy of the schedules of one judge, two attorneys, and each other.  If you have time-sensitive issues that require immediate attention like refinancing a home or if you just want a fast resolution, then going to court is often not the solution.


Divorces can drag out even in mediation when the party’s are not able to make decisions. This happens because of fear of the unknown. Nobody does a better job at informing and providing knowledge to divorcing couples so they have what they need to effectively make decisions.  When you understand your options you will have confidence. When you have confidence you are not afraid. When you are not afraid you can make decisions.


The ability to make decisions quickly saves time and money.  This cuts the time it takes to complete a divorce considerably. At Bloomington Law Group LLC, most divorces are completed in a month or less. To get a better idea of how long your divorce might take, call our office at 309-319-6206 and schedule a consultation. We can help!



Negotiate your Divorce in a Safe, Controlled, and Fair Environment.



Saving time and money is of little value if your divorce agreement is not fair to both of you.  Bloomington Law Group LLC makes this the highest priority.  The reasons are obvious and if you have children, you do not want a bad divorce agreement to sabotage the relationship you will need to have as co-parents.  



Finding fairness is not always easy but it is rarely impossible.  Attorneys at Bloomington Law Group LLC are very experienced at working through conflict and customizing divorce agreements that meet the specific needs of each divorcing party.  Bloomington Law Group LLC will be fair, unbiased and professional and will ensure the strictest confidentiality.  If you are concerned about being treated fairly in your divorce then call our office for a consultation 309-319-6206.




Does Your Old Divorce Decree Need to Be Updated?



The key to a good divorce agreement is to do it correctly and try to eliminate any future problems.  Even the best agreements however, may require some issues to be revisited and negotiated.  When there are children involved there will be many modifications needed for the agreement.  Most of the time couples are able to make these adjustments themselves, but occasionally there is a dispute and couples need a third party to help them.


It is now a state law that all divorce modifications require mediation. 

If you used our service for your original divorce then your flat fee included one free maintenance session that can be used any time you want to make a change or address a conflict in your original agreement. For couples that did not use our service, you can choose to sit down with us and we will help you both resolve the issues quickly and fairly.  Call our office today (309) 808-2369 and set up a consultation with a mediator to discuss how we can help you modify or resolve a conflict in your existing divorce agreement.





The Overview of the Mediation Process

Six Simple Steps...We will make it easy!!


How does mediation work? How long does it take? How much does it cost? What do I have to do?  These are the main questions asked when first deciding you want to divorce and considering mediation. While every mediation is customized to each couple, the over-all process is the same.




You call and schedule a free consultation with a mediator. This first meeting is an orientation where the mediator explains in further detail how the process will work for your situation.   You will want to have already filled out the online Divorce Conflict Prediction Wizard on this website and printed your results to bring with you to the first consultation.




 At the orientation the mediator will assess your case, go over estimates of time and cost, and assign you some tasks for you to complete at home. By doing some of the work on your own you will save a lot of time and money.  The mediator will also schedule your first formal mediation session with you at this time. This is a great time to ask questions about divorce and it allows you to get to know the mediator. Having a good chemistry with the mediator is a must as you will be putting a lot of trust in their ability and expertise to get you through these important decisions.




Depending on the complexity of your case you will meet with the mediator for 1 or more sessions. Rarely does mediation exceed 5 sessions total.  Between each session the mediator will assign you tasks to complete. These tasks range from reading specific material on a website, to gathering information for the next session.  During these sessions the mediator will be on a computer crafting a Memorandum of Understanding that will act as a rough draft per se, until the final document is approved by both parties.




If you have children you may have to attend the state required Divorce Parenting Class. This class is normally about 3 hours long and the course providers will provide you with a certificate of completion that you will need to include with your documents before they are filed. You can see the calendar of where and when the classes are offered if you click on the divorce links button on our website.




At the conclusion of the mediation sessions the parties will approve the Memorandum of Understanding and will need to have this document converted into the required court documents. Most people know this to be the Divorce Decree, which a judge will sign.  This document preparation process can either be performed by an attorney or if the couple wants to save money, it can be prepared by a paralegal. Common Ground Mediationcan facilitate all of this for you if you like, or you can arrange for the final documents to be prepared on your own.




Finally, after you have your documents completed, you can simply drop them off at the court house and pay the court filing fee and you are done! The court clerk will provide you a phone number you can call 1 week later that will automatically tell you when your decree was signed by the judge. Again, with Common Ground Mediation, you will never have to see a judge and you will never have to set foot in a court room!