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​Bloomington Law Group LLC

Attorney Wendy Maulson 


Bloomington Law Group LLC was founded in 2013 by Jon McLaughlin, who built a thriving Family Law practice, fighting for the rights of our clients. When he retired from the practice in early 2016, Attorney Wendy Maulson became the managing owner of Bloomington Law Group LLC. She wanted to offer her clients great service and at reasonable rates, as well as expand the firm's services into mediation, alternate dispute resolution, and Guardian ad Litem work.  Attorney James H. Waller joined the firm in February of the same year, bringing years of Criminal Defense experience and his own Family Law practice to the firm.  There are many ideas and experiences that each attorney brought to this firm, and all of our attorneys strive to provide the best legal representation in the Central Illinois Area. Our firm works closely with our clients, and we treat each client like family. We hope that our clients view us as family and feel like they can call on us when they need help.  


We also feel that there are creative payment options that we can offer to our clients that will enable them to hire our firm without spending their last dime. It is important to us that our clients feel that our firm is working for their best interests and not simply trying to make a buck off of them.



Our firm predominantly handles Divorce, Mediation, and other Family Law matters. If you have any questions for us, please call our office in order to schedule a consultation.