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The success of the family law firm of Bloomington Law Group is based upon our attorneys' abilities to truly listen to and understand our clients' needs, fears and concerns.  We recognize the unique aspects of each client's case and develop a solution custom tailored to meet individual goals.


Attorney Wendy Maulson has dedicated her career to family law issues and helping people through the difficult process of divorce and separation. Attorney James H. Waller has spent his career in this county, helping his clients navigate the local court systems for help with their family law issues. The divorce attorneys at Bloomington Law Group are legal advocates and counselors to clients across McLean County and Central Illinois who are considering divorce or are in the process of divorce. We provide sound legal advice, strong courtroom advocacy and a clear explanation of your rights and options in divorce.

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The attorneys at Bloomington Law Group are experienced in the successful negotiation of marital settlement agreements, and the litigation of disputes in complex divorce cases. We also assist with the dissolution of civil unions or domestic partnerships.



Effective, Discreet Options for Reaching Resolution


Settlements reached through divorce mediation or other ADR processes are generally more flexible, receive approval in less time and have the advantage of greater privacy.


Mediation is mandatory in many family law cases in Illinois. This process can be extremely beneficial for clients who wish to maximize the privacy of their divorce and settlement agreement.


The firm’s practice is designed to respond to client goals and interests in resolving any family law matter in McLean County.







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Bloomington Illinois Divorce and Dissolution Attorney


Statistics indicate that most marriages end in divorce. The end of any close relationship is both a difficult and emotional time. Bloomington Law Group LLC will assist with the practical issues arising out of your separation or divorce.


The philosophy of our firm is to assist our clients through these difficulties in finding the right strategy and approach. We adopt a caring and supportive role enabling clients to deal with all of the problems. Our firm's emphasis is on giving practical advice to deal with the necessary decisions that have to be made at various stages. It is vital to look at what our clients are trying to achieve to minimise the distress to the parties and any children.


Where the marriage has come to an end you may want to consider whether to commence divorce proceedings or in the case of same sex couples to dissolve the civil union.  It is important that you speak to us at the earliest possible stage so that we can advise you of the "do’s and don'ts" even prior to separation. We cannot stress enough how important this "planning" stage is.


The divorce and matrimonial lawyers at Bloomington Law Group LLC deal with many matters which are financially complex.  This can involve cases of high net worth where there are companies, trusts, overseas/offshore assets and accounts to unravel. The practice prides itself in dealing with such complex matters whether the parties are based in Bloomington Illinois or internationally.


We will also advise whether your case is appropriate for mediation. The practice has trained mediators and a collaborative lawyer. Each member of the team has the required skills to negotiate a financial settlement ensuring a good outcome for you.


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Below, please find short articles and resources that are specific to Divorces in Bloomington Illinois. If you have a question about anything you see on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us at (309) 319-6206.


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  • Division of marital assets and the proper classification of separate and non-marital property according to Illinois divorce law.

  • Spousal Support / alimony can be awarded to a spouse who was economically disadvantaged because of the marriage

  • Child Custody: The firm is especially adept at the timely resolution of interstate and international child custody disputes, move-away situations, and complex paternity and custody issues resulting from the use of advanced reproductive technologies

  • Child support

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