Practice Areas

At Bloomington Law Group LLC, we stick to what we know and the areas that we feel confident in. That is why we limit our practice to only a few areas of the law, instead of trying to take every case that walks in the door. We can always refer clients to other attorneys if need be. This allows us to focus our attention and do the best job we can.

Family Law


The success of Wendy Maulson is based upon her ability to truly listen to and understand her clients' needs, fears and concerns.  She recognizes the unique aspects of each client's case and develop a solution custom tailored to meet individual goals.


The staff of Bloomington Law Group are legal advocates and counselors to clients across McLean County Illinois who are considering divorce or are in the process of divorce. We provide sound legal advice, strong courtroom advocacy and a clear explanation of your rights and options in divorce.


Wendy Maulson is an experience mediator regularly appointed by the local courts to help resolve family law issues and other matters without the expense and months of litigation.

Ms. Maulson regularly works with people to resolve questions regarding parenting time, decision-making for the children, and financial and support issues.  Many of her mediation clients are able to reach quicker resolutions than the courts can provide, and get more of a voice in the resoution of their dispute than they might get in litigation.