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The success of Bloomington Law Group LLC is based upon our Attorneys' abilities to truly listen to and understand our clients' needs, fears, and concerns.  We recognize the unique aspects of each client's case and develop a solution custom-tailored to meet individual goals.


We realize that our clients' issues are personal, important, and time-sensitative. We always try to treat our clients like family, and we always hope that our clients think of us the same way. 







Attorney Wendy Maulson focuses her practice on Family Law and Mediation in Bloomington Illinois.

Attorneys at our firm are also able to assist clients with Orders of Protection issues.

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Wendy Maulson Joins Firm


Bloomington Law Group LLC is pleased to announce that Wendy Maulson has joined the Firm. Wendy brings years of experience from the courtroom and from countless mediations. 

New Child Support Laws for Illinois


The changes to the Child Support Laws (becoming effective 1/1/16) include an allowable deduction for student loan debt. This is pretty significant because courts have pretty much told folks to take a hike when they ask for a reduction in their child support because of their heavy student loan debt. Now things are different. The courts have to allow such deductions, unless they are prepared to make some pretty extraordinary findings, and award a lower child support amount. 


Many folks ask me how long you can leave your kids in a car alone, or how old do your kids have to be before you leave them alone at home. Well, the answer is not clear, but here is what DCFS uses to determine their position on each case.

New Case: Discovery is Important!


In re Marriage of Lyman
After judgment of dissolution was entered, incorporating MSA, wife filed Section 2-1401 post-judgment petitions claiming fraud and breach of MSA, including alleging that she discovered that husband concealed three assets worth nearly $2 million. Res judicata applies to judgment of dissolution and to matters which could have been decided, such as wife's claim that she did not receive her fair share of final distribution. Wife failed to exercise due diligence when she elected to accept husband's representation of financial disclosure over opportunity to engage in formal discovery.(CUNNINGHAM and CONNORS, concurring.)


New Maintenance (Alimony) Law for Illinois divorces that are effective next year. 

June 2014

Your Bloomington Illinois Divorce Case will be effected by the recent amendments to the Supreme Court Rules. Find out what changes were made and let us know if you have any questions.

Article Published: Exclusive Possession


It can readily be assumed that a pending divorce is difficult for any child to deal with. The tension in the home, between the parents, will probably be a long-lasting memory for the child. In these situations, the home is filled with stress and hurt for most children. But, how much stress and harm must there be before a court can grant exclusive possession to one of the parties of a divorce. The two statutes that a party may proceed under, the IMDMA and the IDVA, hold parties to different standards, and it may turn out that you are using the wrong statute for some of your cases.


McLean County Illinois Online Access


The McLean County Circuit Clerk and Circuit Court are pleased to announce that McLean County is now offering information on all open civil, traffic and criminal cases through their public access system. The link to the public access system is:


Please forward any questions or comments regarding on-line access to either Don Everhart, Circuit Clerk, or William Scanlon, Trial Court Administrator

Get Copies of Your Old Orders and Judgments

September 5, 2012

In McLean County Illinois, copies of your court file are always available for you, either from the actual file or from a microfilm of your case.

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Wendy Maulson: Bloomington Il Divorce Attorney
What Clients are Saying

A SUPERB attorney!!! She bent backwards to get me the results I wanted!! I thought all hope was lost and while everyone else refused because they thought it was not worth their time, Ms. Maulson was the only one who spent considerable effort in a short time to work on my case! She was honest, kind, friendly, ethical and upfront. I highly recommend this attorney!! She truly can work wonders!! Do not give up hope!

- Nina (2013)





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Bloomington Il Divorce Lawyer

We are glad you are visiting the website of Bloomington Law Group LLC.  Our Bloomington Illinois Family Law Lawyers focus on Divorce and Child Custody Issues.  Bloomington Il Divorce Lawyer Jon D. McLaughlin will aggressively represent you and your family's well-being. We have offices conveniently located in the Flanagan State Bank Building in Bloomington Illinois. If you are dealing with complicated Family Law issues including Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, Division of Property and Alimony, it can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. Attorney Jon D. McLaughlin understands that. Our office is here to help. Just minutes away from the Law and Justice Center,  Divorce Attorneys from Bloomington Law Group LLC are there when you need them.



If you are currently going through a divorce or are simply considering it, we can help you understand and address the various issues that come with dissolving a marriage including Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, Division of Property and Alimony. You may also want to consider Mediation as a faster and less expensive alternative to the traditional divorce process in the Bloomington Illinois Area.Or you may be in the process of getting married and wondering whether a Antenuptial Agreement is the right decision for you. Whatever your needs, we have the skills, resources and years of experience necessary to successfully bring your case to a conclusion with professionalism, integrity and compassion for you, the client. Central Illinois Divorce Attorney Jon D. McLaughlin offers flexible office hours and cost-effective procedures designed to keep our fees and your costs to a minimum. Our focus is on the client and your satisfaction.


Bloomington Divorce Lawyer Jon D. McLaughlin is dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. He prides himslef on being available to clients 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
















Bloomington Illinois Order of Protection Attorney

Bloomington Law Group LLC, located in Bloomington Illinois (McLean County), assists clients in need of applying for Orders of Protection against abusive family members or other people who they have a relationship with, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend.  In Illinois, an Order of Protection can be filed to protect anyone who is being severely threatened by violence or is being abused. If you are in the Bloomington/Normal area, and you feel frightened or threatened by someone close to you, contact us at our Bloomington office at (309) 808-2369. Attorneys James H. Waller and Wendy Maulson stand ready to help you and your family members avoid abuse and harrassment. 






















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